show me the MOT in simpler form of helium.

Asked by Jisha Mary Thomas | 4th Oct, 2013, 07:10: PM

Expert Answer:

If we were to form He2 molecule from 2 He atoms, we need to apply LCAO-MO method on their TWO 1s AO's, each AO having 2 e, giving 2 MOs, a bonding sigma MO (sigma-BMO) with 2 electrons in it, and an ant-bonding sigma MO (sigma-ABMO), also with 2 electrons. The bond order = no. of pairs of e in BMOs - no of pairs of e in ABMO, will be ZERO, hence no such moleculecule can ever exist.

Answered by  | 5th Oct, 2013, 04:10: PM

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