sachin and sameer started on a motorbike from place A took turn at B did the task at C travelled by the route CD to D and then went on to E. Altogether, they took one hour for this journey . Find out the actual distance traversed by them and the displacement from A to E. From this , deduce their speed . What was their velocity from A to E in the direction AE? Can this velocity be called average velocity


Asked by pranamlogistics | 1st Nov, 2018, 04:31: PM

Expert Answer:

Let the figure shows the route map of journey performed by Sachin and Sameer.
Total distance travelled = AB+BC+CD+DE
Displacement = shortest distance between A and E = AE
If we assume the time taken for doing the task at C is negligible,
then speed = total distance/time = (AB+BC+CD+DE)/3600 m/s ....................(1)

It is assumed all the distances in the figure are represented in terms of metre.
velocity in the direction AE = AE/3600  m/s ; yes this is average velocity

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 2nd Nov, 2018, 10:00: PM

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