Respected Sir/Mam,
I would like to know what difference does it cause,whether current or voltage reaches first to an electrical appliance.
In both the cases,the electrical instrument will work,right??
Thanks in advance.

Asked by shiva | 16th Nov, 2015, 03:22: PM

Expert Answer:

It will be inappropriate to say that current or voltage reaches first to an appliance.
In any electrical circuit, electric charge flows through all the components, and hence, the current is the entity which flows through the appliance.
Voltage is an entity which is built across the appliance because of the flow of current through it.
Hence, an electric appliance will work if current flows through it. Voltage does not flow through an appliance or reach an appliance, it develops across an appliance because it has certain resistance and a certain amount of current flows through it.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 16th Nov, 2015, 03:36: PM