Respected sir/mam,
I want to know why is it nessecary for a ruminant to have four chambered stomach and why it is not possible to have four chambered stomach for humans ?

Asked by ranksahoo | 28th Apr, 2017, 12:05: PM

Expert Answer:

Ruminants such as cow, deer and goat eat mainly grass and other plant leaves as food. Grass is rich in carbohydrates called cellulose which is a quite tough material and difficult to digest. These animals have cellulose digesting bacteria present in their stomach which helps to digest cellulose.

Ruminants primarily feed on grass and other plant material. Through rumination, they ferment the food and regurgitate and chew their food before the main digestion. Therefore, ruminants require multi-chambered (four-chambered) stomach for these processes to be carried out in a step-wise manner.

Since human beings are omnivores, they do not necessarily feed on grass and other plant material. Therefore, there is a very minimal need for digesting cellulose as compared to ruminants. Hence, there is no requirement of a four-chambered stomach in human beings to carry out the process of digestion.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 28th Apr, 2017, 04:45: PM