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Asked by 100.akash | 16th Sep, 2008, 04:13: PM

Expert Answer:

let BP = CQ =b and side of square be a.

we have to prove AQ is perpendicular to DP.

in vector form AQ = AB + BQ

and DP = DA + AP

taking dot product of AQ and DP


now AB & DA and BQ &AP are perpendicular to each other so there dot product will be zero.

=AB.AP + BQ.DA  ( |AB|=|DA| = a , |BQ|=|AP| = a+b)

=a(a+b) - (a+b)a   ( BQ and DA are in opposite direction so a negative sign comes)


since AQ.DP = 0 i.e. AQ and DP are perpendicular to each other.

Answered by  | 18th Dec, 2008, 08:22: PM

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