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Asked by hemaborate26 | 27th Apr, 2021, 03:42: PM

Expert Answer:

when we say power dissipation or heat dissipation depends on resistance of the coil using the relation H = ( i2 R t ) ,
we are assuming constant current. If we compare same constant current is passing through a high resistance heating element
and  low resistance heating element , then high resistance heating element will dissipate more power.
Hence dependence of resistance for heating effect depends on the type of power source whether it is constant current source or
constant voltage source. If power source is giving constant current then heating effect depends on resistance according to the
relation H = ( i2 R t ) . If power source is of constant voltage type like domestic electric supply , then Heating effect is inversely proportional to 
Resistance according to the relation H = ( V2/R ) t

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 27th Apr, 2021, 05:11: PM