An electric bulb draws a current of 8A and works on 250 volt on the average 8 hours a day find the power consumed by co. consumed by the bulb and find if the electric distribution company is the meaning

Asked by nannappa951 | 11th Jul, 2020, 12:22: PM

Expert Answer:

I = 8 A 
V = 250 V 
t = 8 h 
Power consumed = V x I = 250 V x 8 A = 2000 W = 2000/1000 = 2 kW 
The rest of the question is incomplete so I assume that you have been asked to calculate the cost of the electricity for month. So for calculating that you first require electrical energy consumed for 1 month
Electrical energy, E  =  P x t = 2 kW x 8 h x 30 days = 480 kWh 
Thus, the cost of electricity for 1 month = Energy Cost per unit x 480 kWh 
By subsituting the cost of energy for 1 unit in above formula i.e. equation (1) you will get cost of electricity for electric bulb for 1 month. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 11th Jul, 2020, 01:25: PM