Question 4.36 NCERT Page 131 regarding magnetic prperties of O2, O2+, O2-, and (O2)2-.

Asked by Ishaan Kumar | 18th Feb, 2011, 06:12: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
According to the molecular orbital diagram for O2:
No. of electrons in BO=8 :No. of electrons in AO=4
O2: no of unpaired electrons= 2 so it is paramagnetic
O2+:no of unpaired electrons= 1so it is paramagnetic
O2-:no of unpaired electrons= 1 so it is paraamagnetic
(O2)2-:no of unpaired electrons=0so it is diamagnetic
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Answered by  | 19th Feb, 2011, 10:14: AM

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