QQ no 24

Asked by sucharitasahoo1 | 26th Nov, 2017, 12:29: AM

Expert Answer:

Please refer above link for q.24 as same question has been answered already.
begin mathsize 16px style According space to space the space question space
PX equals 1 third PQ space comma space XQ equals 2 over 3 PQ
QY equals 2 over 3 QR space comma space YR equals 1 third QR
XQ squared equals QR squared equals XR squared
open parentheses 2 over 3 PQ close parentheses squared plus QR squared equals XR squared
4 PQ squared plus 9 QR squared equals 9 XR squared
PQ squared plus QY squared equals PY squared
PQ squared plus open parentheses 4 over 9 QR squared close parentheses equals PY squared
9 PQ squared plus 4 QR squared equals 9 PY squared
Adding space both space the space above space equations
we space get space 9 left parenthesis XR squared plus PY squared right parenthesis equals 13 PR squared
end style

Answered by Sneha shidid | 27th Nov, 2017, 04:21: PM