plz answer this as soon as possible

Asked by madhavam | 3rd Aug, 2009, 08:36: PM

Expert Answer:

let AB be the building  and CD be the tower., B and D respectively their bases

let AE be the horiz line thru' A meeting  CD at  E.

AB=15   (given)


ED=15(Opp sides of rectangle)

in triangle ACE,

angle CAE=30(Given)

let AE=BD=x



angle CBD=60(Given)

tan 60=(h+15)/x


substituting the values of tan 30 and an60 and equate  x from both equations and  to get h.

then from (i) or (ii) we can get  the value of x.



Answered by  | 3rd Aug, 2009, 09:50: PM

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