please explain how to solve binomial distribution problems i always loose marks in this topic

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Binomial Distribution

A binomial random variable is the number of successes x in n repeated trials of a binomial experiment. The probability distribution of a binomial random variable is called a binomial distribution (also known as a Bernoulli distribution).

Suppose we flip a coin two times and count the number of heads (successes). The binomial random variable is the number of heads, which can take on values of 0, 1, or 2. The binomial distribution is presented below.

Number of heads








The binomial distribution has the following properties:

The mean of the distribution (μx) is equal to n * p .

The variance (σ2x) is n * p * ( 1 - p ).

The standard deviation (σx) is sqrt[ n * p * ( 1 - p ) ].

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