On what factors does dipole moment of molecules depend??..does boiling point and bond length have any thing to do with dipoles of molecules??..pls explain with examples.!

Asked by Meghna G. | 4th Jan, 2013, 09:35: PM

Expert Answer:

Dipole moment depends on three factors:
  1. Polarity of molecule
 Magnitude of charge 
 Geometry of molecule
Dipole moment depends upon the bond length. As the formula states: dipole moment = bond length x charge on each element

The following table demonstrates the effect of the dipole moment on the boiling point of several substances: 

Substance Molecular Mass 
Dipole moment 
Normal Boiling Point 
[ K ]
Propane 44 0.1 231
Dimethyl ether 46 1.3 248
Chloromethane 50 2.0 249

Answered by  | 5th Jan, 2013, 12:49: PM

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