Name the order of lever which acts as force as well as speed multiplier. give example.


Asked by 154140281903524 | 16th May, 2018, 11:49: PM

Expert Answer:

A machine cannot be used as force multiplier as well as speed multiplier. But a order of lever which can have velocity ratio greater than 1, equal to 1 and less than 1 can be used as force multiplier or speed multiplier. 
Class 1 levers are those type of levers which can either work as force multiplier or as speed multiplier. 
When effort arm is greater than load arm then mechanical advantage and velocity ratio is greater than 1. Such Class 1 levers as used as force multipliers.
For e.g. - Crowbar, Pliers, Spoon.
When effort arm is shorter than the load arm then the mechanical advantage and velocity ration is less than 1 and such class 1 levers are used as speed multiplier (or has gain in speed).
For e.g. -Scissors

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 17th May, 2018, 12:31: PM