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CBSE Class 12-commerce Answered

when we have to minus from1 to calc sacrifice share and new ps ?
Asked by preetbaidwan139 | 10 Aug, 2017, 09:36: PM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
We believe you are asking for the questions where you came across solutions that have been worked upon by subtracting the share of admitted partner from 1 and then further computations have been done. This subtraction from 1 is based upon simple logic and our core objective to bring out the desired results. Suppose we are given with the old ratio and question says a new partner has been admitted for 1/5th share. Here, it is obviously clear that only the left over share would be divided amongst the old partners. Accordingly, we will be subtracting his share from 1 and remaining 4/5th share would be divided amongst the old partners in old ratio. So, our idea is clear to derive the required ratios from the given information keeping the logic intact.
Hope this helps. In case you need more clarification, please post the question you are facing difficulty with. Our experts will definitely get back to you.
Answered by Vanita Rana | 11 Aug, 2017, 02:13: PM
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