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CBSE Class 12-commerce Questions and Answers

Class 12 is a crucial stage in a student’s life. The pressure of preparing for the board exams is not easy, which is why we have the right resources for learning the chapters covered in your CBSE Class 12 syllabus. At TopperLearning, we follow a tested board exam strategy which our students live by—read, revise, practise and assess.

TopperLearning’s study materials include video lessons, subject notes, sample papers, previous years’ question papers and more. To understand the chapters, you need to create a plan by first going through the latest syllabus which you will find here.

You must prepare your study timetable for each subject. Allot time for reading our study materials such as chapter notes. These notes will quickly take you through the key points of each chapter in the syllabus. The next step is to revise the chapters as much as possible. Also, avoid relying on mugging up the answers. And in order for you to understand better, we have video lessons which will enhance your learning experience and make studies interesting.

CBSE 12-commerce - Macroeconomics
Explain in detail the functions of Reserve Bank of India pertaining to note issue in India.                    
Asked by garvit | 24 Nov, 2022, 11:12: AM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
Goods purchased from mamtha traders Rs-300000
Asked by rakesh1999rocky | 22 Nov, 2022, 12:24: AM
CBSE 12-commerce - Maths
Asked by roy709042 | 18 Nov, 2022, 06:17: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Maths
Meena and Seema alone can complete the whole work in (9y+3) days and 9z days, respectively and Reena and Kisan alone can complete the whole work in (2x + 2) days and (x - y) days, respectively. Reena and Chhaya together can complete the whole work in 18 days and Jaya and Payal together can complete the whole work in 24 days. Payal and Chhaya alone can complete the whole work in (10z + 2) days, and 6z days respectively. Kisan and Ira together can complete the whole work in 120/7 days and Ira and Jaya alone can complete the whole work in (x + y) days and 14z days, respectively. Find x, y and z.
Asked by nk.neetuhome | 18 Nov, 2022, 03:43: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Business Studies
Critically examine the insurance as saving & investment scheme in comparison to shares &mutual funds? please mention the answer in about 250-300 words
Asked by Ghun | 17 Nov, 2022, 10:40: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Business Studies
How Risk and Insurance are co-related? Explain by using suitable example.
Asked by garvit | 17 Nov, 2022, 10:31: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Business Studies
the number of price related of 5 different commodities is 750. find a suitable unweighted price index number
Asked by greenexnutrition001 | 22 Oct, 2022, 12:41: AM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
The income of a group of 10,000 persons was found to be normally distributed with mean Rs.750 per month and a standard deviation of Rs. 50, show that of this group about 95% has income exceeding Rs. 668 and only 5% had income exceeding Rs. 832. (area between 750 and 668 = 0.4495, area between 750 and 832 = 0.4495).
Asked by devanshi.kanthariya | 13 Oct, 2022, 10:22: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
ABC are partner in firm
Asked by Kartiksinghkld | 17 Aug, 2022, 10:41: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
11. The following are the particulars of the receipts and issues of materials in a factory during January 2022: January 2 Opening balance 1,000 kg @ Rs. 30 3 Issued 140 kg 4 Issued 200 kg 8 Issued 160 kg 13 Received from Vendor 400 kg @ Rs. 35 15 Return of surplus from a work order 30 kg @ Rs. 28 16 Issued 360 kg 18 Received from Vendor 600 kg @ Rs. 32 20 Issued 550 kg 22 Received from Vendor 400 kg @ Rs. 34 24 Issued 250 kg 29 Return of surplus from a work order 40 kg @ 32 30 Received from Vendor 200 kg @ Rs. 36 You are required to prepare a Stores Ledger under FIFO principle
Asked by arunimakundu93 | 20 Jul, 2022, 03:29: PM
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