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CBSE Class 12-commerce Questions and Answers

Learning from quality study materials is what everyone needs. Importantly, it is something everyone craves for—quality. We at TopperLearning help CBSE Class 12 Commerce students to score more marks in their examination with high-quality study resources. When you access our study materials, you can find several things like

  • Highly interactive videos which simplify the learning of complex concepts
  • Question banks which help you with answers to the most important questions
  • Revision notes for effective preparation
  • Sample papers which help you to understand the paper pattern
  • Past year papers which emphasise the frequency of important questions


All of these study materials are created by subject matter experts who understand that scoring the highest marks in CBSE Class 12 Commerce plays a crucial role in a student's future. Additionally, for student convenience, we have solutions to the NCERT textbooks which will help CBSE Class 12 Commerce students to understand all the concepts in detail. We are 100% sure that you will benefit from our CBSE Class 12 study materials which are available for the subjects of Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Mathematics. All our study materials are based on the latest CBSE syllabus and are revised from time-to-time.

CBSE 12-commerce - Maths
can you pls solve this question
 question image
Asked by jvalenciarichel | 01 Mar, 2024, 11:08: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Hindi
describe the first seen at ramsjo iranmill
Asked by vishaljangra763 | 01 Mar, 2024, 06:30: AM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
 question image
Asked by vishaljangra763 | 28 Feb, 2024, 06:37: AM
CBSE 12-commerce - Maths
for discrete probability distribution variance is 12 and E (X)² = 21, what will be mean of this distribution
Asked by pathvipatel144 | 25 Feb, 2024, 09:37: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Maths
pls solve this
 question image
Asked by nainaadityathakur | 10 Feb, 2024, 03:12: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Economics
Law of diminishing marginal utility cannot be applicable for all situations explain with example
Asked by gowhsnnsukld | 08 Feb, 2024, 09:39: AM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
debenture issued on 1st April 2017
 question image
Asked by bhumikachaudhary0307 | 07 Feb, 2024, 09:32: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
If the balance sheet of Kiato Ltd. Reported a balance of Rs. 40,000 at the beginning of the year of Accounts Receivables and an ending balance of Rs. 28,000. Credit sales of Rs. 1,80,000 were made during the year. Using this information, compute the cash collected from customers. a.) Rs. 1,92,000 b.) Rs. 1,12,000 c.) Rs. 1,40,000 d.) Rs. 1,52,000
Asked by jaisachdeva2005 | 07 Feb, 2024, 06:59: PM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
solve this
 question image
Asked by shubhamdodiya989 | 07 Feb, 2024, 11:33: AM
CBSE 12-commerce - Accountancy
answer ??
 question image
Asked by luckybatra1978 | 02 Feb, 2024, 02:07: PM
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