Linear equation in two variables

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Expert Answer:

Let  x = number of flowers,

y = number of flies,

If one fly sit on each flower, one fly is left behind. In other words, the number of flies are greater than flowers by one.

Hence x + 1 = y.   

x - y  = -1  .......(1)

If two flies sit on each flower, (y/2 pairs of flies) one flower is left behind. In other words, y/2 pairs of flies are less than the flowers by exactly one.

Hence x - 1 = y/2.

2x  - y  = 2 ..........(2)

Solving equations (1) and (2)

gives, x = number of flowers = 3 and y = number of flies = 4.





Answered by  | 7th Aug, 2009, 09:09: PM

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