how can 4xyz be a polynomial of degree 3?

Asked by ROJAAPPA | 29th May, 2010, 12:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,

Mathematically, definition of a polynomial is as follows:

An algebraic expression consisting of one or more summed terms, each term consisting of a constant multiplier and one or more variables raised to integral powers. For example, x2 − 5x + 6 and 2p3q + y are polynomials. Also called multinomial.

NOTE: The sum of the variable exponents in a particular term is the degree of that term.Example: the degree of 12x3y4z2  is 3+4+2 = 9.

(And, the degree of the polynomial is determined by the term with the highest degree).

So, the degree of 4xyz is 3.

Moreover, a linear polynomial is a polynomial of degree 1.

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Answered by  | 29th May, 2010, 04:46: PM

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