In the Kashmir valley, Samar’s father owned an orchard. Apples were in plenty. In the flowering season he observed honey bees on the flowers. He quickly advised his father to start working on the idea of establishing an apiary. He found out which species are used for commercial honey production.

(i) Name the species of the honey bee which is commonly used in India for commercial production of honey.

(ii) Write two advantages of bee keeping.

(iii) List two qualities of Samar which are worth praising.

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Expert Answer:

(i)Apis mellifera is the exotic breed of honey bee which is used for commercial production of honey.

(ii)Two advantages of bee keeping are:

a. It can be used as an additional income generating activity.

b. Beehives are a source of wax which can be used for medicinal applications.

(iii) Two qualities of Samar are:

a. He is a good observer.

b. He thinks scientifically and commercially.

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