in SN1 carbocation intermediate is generated but what happens when beta carbon is higher degree.what is E1CB reaction

Asked by shivam kaushik | 4th Aug, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

In SN1 reaction carbocation is generated , if higher degree beta carbon is present then it will stabilise the carbocation by inductive effect.
The E1cB elimination reaction is a special type of elimination reaction in organic chemistry. The abbreviation stands for Elimination Unimolecular conjugate Base.This reaction mechanism explains the formation of alkenes from (mostly) alkyl halides through a carbanion intermediate given specified reaction conditions and specified substrates.  The reaction takes place around a sp3 - sp3 carbon to carbon covalent bond with an ?-acidic hydrogen atom substituent and a ?-leaving group. A strong base abstracts the ? proton generating a carbanion.

Answered by  | 5th Aug, 2011, 10:18: PM

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