In group of 800 people,500 people speak Hindi and 320 people speak english . Find how many people can speak both English and Hindi ? speak

Asked by nkrkannan1810 | 12th Jul, 2020, 12:26: PM

Expert Answer:

Let H denote Hindi and E denote English
As per the question,
n(H) = 500, n(E) = 320 and n(HUE) = 800
N o. space o f space p e o p l e space w h o space c a n space s p e a k space b o t h space h i n d i space a n d space e n g l i s h space i s
n open parentheses H intersection E close parentheses equals n left parenthesis H right parenthesis plus n left parenthesis E right parenthesis minus n open parentheses H union E close parentheses equals 500 plus 320 minus 800 equals 20

Answered by Renu Varma | 12th Jul, 2020, 01:40: PM