in an experiment the focal length of a convex lens a student obtained a sharp and inverted image of a distant tree on the screen behind the lens.she then removed the screen and looked through lens in the direction of the object .she will see
a) an inverted image of the tree at the focus of the lens
b)no image as the screen is removed
c) a blurered image on the wall of laboratory
d0 an erect image of the tree on the lens
pls explain me the answer elaborately

Asked by my3shyll | 15th Feb, 2017, 07:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Screen is just an device or an instrument where the image formed is to be observed. If the screen is removed, the lens will continue to form the image on its focus. Thus, on removing the screen and on looking through the lens in the direction of the object the image of the distant tree is inverted and formed at the focus.

Answered by Yashvanti Jain | 16th Feb, 2017, 11:08: AM

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