in a spherical mirror, when the object is at infinity, the image is formed at the focus, and is highly diminished(i.e. point size). so if the image is point size, how can we say that it is real and inverted when a point is nothing but a dot?

Asked by kruthika suresh | 4th Nov, 2010, 12:13: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
Image of an infinitely placed object is said to be real because it is formed on the screen.
It is said to be inverted because when compared to the object, its point locations are present upside down in its, even in case of a circular object like a sun when reflected by a spherical mirror, will produce a circular shaped image on the screen, wherein the top portion of sun corresponds to the bottom, the bottom portion of the object corresponds to at the top of the image & left of the object corresponds to the right of the image & right of the object corresponds to the left of the image...that is the image is laterally inverted too... So whether the object is dot shaped or any other shape its image is inverted & real when placed at infinity & reflected h through a mirror.
We hope that resolves your query.

Answered by  | 7th Nov, 2010, 06:06: AM

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