If we touch an electric wire carrying current, get a shock  but when birds sit on it , they don't get any shock. Explain.

Asked by apramanik | 8th Nov, 2019, 12:02: AM

Expert Answer:

- We get an electric shock only when the current flows through our body or when the circuit gets completed. 
- The current flows only when there is potential difference in the circuit. 
- When birds sit on the wire, their both legs are on same wire. So, there is no potential difference at that point and thus no current flows through them. 
- But if their one leg is on live and other on neutral wire then the current will flow through their body and they will get electrocuted (shock) as there will be the potential difference and current will flow through their body. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 8th Nov, 2019, 01:00: PM