If -5/6 does not come under domain of f(x), then we should not get value of f(-5/6) but we are getting the value of f(-5/6)= -6/11 as f(-5/6) = 2/(|3-|(-5/6)-1|-5(-5/6)|-9) by putting x=(-5/6) =2/(|3-|(-11/6)|+(25/6)|-9) =2/(|3-(11/6)+(25/6)|-9) [ since |-11/6|=11/6 ] =2/{|(18-11+25)/6|-9} =2/{|32/6|-9} =2/{(32-54)/6} =2/(-22/6) =(-6/11) similarly f(11/4) = 4/7 And if (-5/6) and (11/4) are not the domain of f(x). How can i get any value at that point. Please clear my doubt

Asked by Jyoti Chandra Azad | 16th May, 2014, 07:45: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Jyoti.chandra0192@gmail.com
Thanks for correction.
The points you mentioned actually are in the domain, because the denomenator has non zero values at these points and they do not come under the two cases.
Please refer to the previous answer,made changes to the solution.
Topperlearning Team.

Answered by Avinash Soni | 17th May, 2014, 11:34: AM

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