I am not getting the answer. I am still confused. If it is so then why doesn't the sun appear oval and larger during the other times such as mid-day or evening?

Asked by aaryamehta46 | 10th Mar, 2017, 08:34: PM

Expert Answer:

  • During the sunrise and sunset the sun is at the horizon and refractive index of the atmosphere of the earth decrease with height.
  • On the horizon refraction is slightly greater than the apparent diameter of the Sun, so when the bottom of the sun's disc appears to touch the horizon, the sun's true altitude is negative.
  • This is how it appears to be slightly more oval and bigger when at horizon at the time of sunset and sunrise.
  • Whereas when the sun is on the vertical, the apparent bending of light due to refraction for the observer right below the sun is low as compared with the RI when the sun is at horizon.

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 11th Mar, 2017, 08:02: PM

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