How was mirror formula derived ?

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A formula giving the relation between focal length of the mirror, object distance, image distance and radius of curvature.




Depending on the position of the object, the image formed may be real or virtual.


When the object is placed beyond 'C', the image is formed between 'C' and 'F'. Since the reflected rays actually meet at A', the image is said to be real.






from the above two equations we have



Since all distances are measured from P


CB = PB - PC


CBl = PC - PBl





Using the sign convention,


PB = - u (object distance)


PC = -R


PB = -v (Image distance)


On substitution,


+uR - uv = uv - vR


uR + vR = 2uv


Dividing both sides by uvR, we have




where f is the focal length of the mirror.



The above mirror formula is same for convex mirror for which image is always virtual.





























We hope this clarifies your doubt.




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