How to byheart the types of hybrisation and please demonstarte how to apply the theory of hybridisation ?

Asked by Arun Iyer | 14th Feb, 2011, 11:10: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,
First of all count the total number of sigma bonds and the total number of the lone pair of electrons on the central metal atom. Add them. The answer obtained will decide the hybridization.
For example in NH3. Central metal atom is N with 5 outer most electrons and 3 of them making 3 Sigma bonds with 3 H's and Thus leaving one lone pair of electron.
so No. of Bond Pairs + No. of lone pairs = 3+1= 4
4 denotes sp3 hybridization. i.e 1s + 3p prbitals

Answered by  | 18th Feb, 2011, 10:04: AM

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