how does a water. mill and a wind mill work

Asked by acshanadhana15 | 8th Sep, 2020, 11:06: AM

Expert Answer:

Waterfalls were used as a source of potential energy which was converted to electricity with the help of turbines. Since waterfalls are few in number, water dams have been constructed in large numbers. Nowadays, hydro-dams are used in order to harness potential energy of stored water. In water dams, water falls from a height on the turbine, which produces electricity.
Windmills were used to harness wind energy to do mechanical work such as lifting/drawing water from a well. Today, windmills are used to generate electricity. In windmills, the kinetic energy of wind is harnessed and converted into electricity. The rotary motion of the blades turns the turbine of the electric generator to generate electricity.

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 8th Sep, 2020, 12:03: PM