How are the food stuffs and their nutrient contents useful for body

Asked by Ranjanabhad67 | 18th Aug, 2019, 04:28: PM

Expert Answer:





Cereals like wheat, rice, maize potatoes, sugar, honey, banana, melon, papaya

Mainly provide energy


Butter, ghee, milk, cheese, oil, egg yolk, meat

Provide twice as much energy as that provided by the same amount of carbohydrates


Milk, pulses, peas, beans, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese

Needed for growth and repair of the body.

Dietary fibres/Roughage

Plant products, whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Essential as they add to the bulk of food and help to eliminate undigested food



Besides liquid water, many food items contain water, like tomatoes, melons, cabbage and lettuce, etc.

Helps to absorb nutrients from food, transportation and regulation within the body, throwing out wastes from body as urine and sweat.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 19th Aug, 2019, 11:53: AM