heights and distances

Asked by prgayathri | 26th Jan, 2009, 02:26: PM

Expert Answer:

Imagine A to be the position of the man and AB=10 m(acc to qn)
Angle EAD= angle of elevation of the top of the hill=60 degrees


 Angle DAC=Angle ACB=angle of depression =30 degrees

LeED=h, DC=x, AD=BC=y

According to question AB=10 so DC=10 as AB=DC( opposite sides of a rectangle)


 in triangle EAD,

 tan 60=h/y..(1)

in triangle  ACB,

 tan 30=10/y...(2)

 So equating the value of y from both equations we get,


So distance of the hill from the ship==y= m

and height of the hill=h=30 m


Answered by  | 27th Jan, 2009, 02:05: PM

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