Hasan buys two types of fabrics for making uniforms. Shirt fabrics are priced at Rs 50  per meter and cloths for trousers are Rs 90 per meter. He buys 3 meters of cloth of shirt and 2 meters of cloth for trousers. If he sells with 12% profit on shirt and 10% profit on trouser the he gets a total of Rs.36600. how much buy trousers meters ?

Asked by adhyaenterprise | 23rd Sep, 2019, 02:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Q: Hasan buys two kinds of cloth materials for school uniforms, shirt material that costs him RS 50 per metre and trouser material that costs him RS 90 per metre.For every 3 meters of the shirt material he buys 2 metres of the trouser material. He sells the materials at 12% and 10% profit respectively. His total sale is RS 36,600.How much trouser material did he buy?

Suppose that Hasan bought x meters of trouser material.
So, the shirt material Hasan bought = 3/2x = 1.5x
Cost of trouser material = 90x and 

Cost of shirt material = 50 × 1.5x = 75x
Profit% = (profit/cost price) × 100 
For Shirt:
Selling Price(Shirt) = 84x
Selling Price(Trouser) = 99x
→ 84x + 99x = 36600
→   x = 200

So, Hasan bought 200m of trouser material.

Answered by Yasmeen Khan | 23rd Sep, 2019, 04:44: PM