find the weight of sodium nitrate required to prepare 60g pure crystals from its saturated solution at 70c.solubility of sodium nitrate is 140g at 70c and 100 at 25c.("c"stands for celsius of temperature

Asked by dishaprep | 1st Sep, 2018, 11:03: PM

Expert Answer:

Solubility at 70°C = 140
Solubility at 70°C = 100
Amount of crystals obtained when the solution is cooled from 70°C to 25°C
= 140-100 = 40 g
To obtain 40 g of crystals sodium nitrate is taken is 140 g.
To obtain 60 g crystals, sodium nitrate required will be = 140 over 40 cross times 60 space equals space 210 space space g

Answered by Ramandeep | 3rd Sep, 2018, 12:30: PM