Explain structure of ferrocyanide ion? Explain the coordinating bonding between Fe and cyanide ion? How many cyanide ion form covalent and coordinate bond? Explain full structure with detail

Asked by govtsecschoolnayaganv051 | 30th Jul, 2018, 05:33: PM

Expert Answer:

The structure of ferrocyanide ion is



Structure of ferrocyanide ion:

Fe (II) attached with six cyanide ions gives octahedral geometry.

Formation of Ferrocyanide ion. [Fe(CN)6]4-

Here Fe has +2 oxidation state, hence

The resulting complex ion is octahedral and diamagnetic as it does not contain any unpaired electron.


In the cyanide ion, the carbon is bonded with nitrogen by the triple covalent bond.

And six cyanide ions are coordinately bonded with Fe (II) ion to give the complex ion  [Fe(CN)6]4-     

Answered by Ramandeep | 30th Jul, 2018, 07:56: PM