Element X is a metal with a valency 2 . Element Y is a non metal with a valency 3.
(a) write equation to show  how X and Y  form ions .
(b) if Y is a diatomic gas , the equation for the direct combination of X andY to form a compound
(c) the compound formed above will be melted and electricity is passed through it . the element X will be obtained at CATHODE / ANODE and Y will be obtained at CATHODE /ANODE .

Asked by Pushpanjali | 2nd Aug, 2016, 03:43: PM

Expert Answer:


i)              X  X2++2e-

Y + 3e- Y3-

ii)             6X+2Y2 2X3Y2

cathode , anode

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 2nd Aug, 2016, 05:48: PM