E=PT    IF WE USE THE P AS WATT T IN Hr so and get E in joule.  Is it correct or it is mandatory to   convert the time in second. To get energy in joules 


Asked by kanakchaurasiya29 | 7th Mar, 2021, 08:36: PM

Expert Answer:

I assume the given equation
E = P × T
E represents energy , P represent power  and  T represent time
SI unit of energy :- Joule ( J )
SI unit of Power :- Watt ( W )
SI unit of time :- Second  (s )
Hence,  Watt × second = Joule
if we consider, Watt × hour = watt × 3600 second = 3600 Joule
Conclusion :-
In SI units time should be in seconds always . If time is to be considered as minutes , hours or any other thing in calculation ,
then  it should be converted into seconds

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 7th Mar, 2021, 10:20: PM

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