Distinguish between the Himalayas and Purvachal hills by giving three points

Asked by surendrakumarchanda7 | 21st May, 2022, 11:04: AM

Expert Answer:

The Himalayas are the largest mountains in the world. They reun from north west to the north eastern parts of the country. 
Purvanchal are the parts of the Himalayas and they are spread in the easternmost parts of the country. 
While the Himalayas are mainly composed of the metamorphic rocks, the Purvanchal are composed of the sedimentary rocks. 
Some famous peaks in the Himalayas are the Mt. Everest, mt. Kiliminjaro etc. Some important peaks in the Purvanchal are Patkai Hills, Naga Hills, Manipur Hills and Mizo Hills.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 23rd May, 2022, 12:17: AM