dimensions meaning

Asked by sukhjeet.singh86n | 25th Oct, 2021, 10:08: AM

Expert Answer:

Physical quantities are classified as fundamental quantities and derived quantities.
Fundamental quantities are expressed by itself , whereas derived quantities are expressed in terms of fundmental quantities .
For example length , mass , time are fundamental quantities .
Dimension of length is symbolised as L . Dimension of mass is symbolised as M and dimension of time is symbolised as S
Whereas speed which distance per time is derived quantity because speed is expressed in terms of length and time.
Since speed is distance divided by time, speed has dimension of  L/S  or L S-1
Density  which is mass per unit volume is derived quantity because density is expresses in terms of mass and  volume
( volume is expressed in terms of lengths )
Dimension of density is M L-3

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 25th Oct, 2021, 12:13: PM