Differentiate between spermatogenesis and oogenesis.

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Differences between spermatogenesis and oogenesis:



  • It occurs in the testes.
  • It occurs in the ovaries.
  • Spermatogonia change to primary spermatocytes.
  • Oogonia change to primary oocytes.
  • A primary spermatocyte divides to form two secondary spermatocytes.
  • A primary oocytes divides to form one secondary oocyte and one polar body.
  • A secondary spermatocyte divides to form two spermatids.
  • A secondary oocyte divides to form one ootid and one polar body.
  • No polar body is formed.
  • Two polar bodies are formed.
  • One spermatogonium forms four spermatozoa.
  • One oogonium forms one ovum.
  • Sperms are minute, yolkless and motile.
  • Ova are much bigger with yolk and non-motile.

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