Construct a parallelogram parts whose side pq=6cm and its two diagnols are7.5cm  and 8.5 cm

Asked by ajayrath7 | 17th Nov, 2017, 06:45: PM

Expert Answer:

Here, we will use the property of a parallelogram that dagonals bisect each other.
1) Draw PQ = 6 cm.
2) With P as centre and radius 3.75 cm, draw an arc.
3) With Q as centre and radius 4.25 cm, draw another arc to meet the previous arc at O.
4) Join OP and OQ.
5) Produce PO to R such that OR = OP and produce QO to S such that OQ = OR. 
6) Join PS, SR and RQ. 
Thus, PQRS is the required parallelogram.

Answered by Rashmi Khot | 5th Dec, 2017, 04:18: PM