consider a town with n people. A person spreads a rumuor to a second, who in turn repeats it to the third and so on. Suppose that at each stage the recipient of the rumour is chosen at random from the remaining (n-1) peoples. what is the probability that the rumour will be repeated n times (i) without being repeated to any person (ii) without being repeated to the originator?

Asked by deepak.embedded | 20th Oct, 2010, 12:00: AM

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Since there are n people in the village so the rumour will be spread n times so the possible chances will be nn
(i) For the first case possible cases will be n.(n-1).(n-2)......1 since the rumor is not repeated to any person
So required probability = n.(n-1).(n-2)......1/nn
(ii) Here, apart from first rumor can be repeated to any person
so possible cases are n(n-1)(n-1)
So the probability = n(n-1)(n-1) /nn
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