compare the ionic strength of chalk and candle wax, give a reason what is the symbol for bond formation enthalpy bond dissociation enthalpy

Asked by Aditya Varna | 26th Sep, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

(a) The ionic strength of chalk, or CaCO3,that is it consists of 2 types of ions, Ca 2+   and   CO3 2-, such that concentration of calcium ions=c1 and concentration of Cl- ions =c2

Ionic Strength (CaCO3) = 1/2 [c1 ×(2)2  + c2 × (2)2]

Candle wax consists mainly hydrocarbons which are non-polar substances.Thus, the predominant bonding interaction in candle wax would be vander Waals interactions. And as candle wax consists of no ions so no ionic strength.



(b) The symbol of bond formation enthalpy = ?H0(rxn)


     The symbol of bond dissociation enthalpy= ?H0(diss)


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