Chapter 16: Management of Natural Resources

1.State an instance where human intervention saved the forests from destruction.[1]

2.List any two additional systems of water harvesting.[1]

3.Why must we conserve our forests? List any two causes for deforestation to take place.[2]

4.How do advantages of exploiting natural resources with short-term aims differ from the advantages of managing our resources with a long-term perspective? [2]

5.What is meant by sustainable management? Environmentalists insiston ‘sustainablenatural resource management’.State its four advantages. [3]

6.What is meant by exploitation of resources with short-term aims? List its four advantages.[3]

7.Is water conservation necessary? Give reasons.[5]

8.Describe the various methods of sustainable management of forests.[5]


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Expert Answer:

1. Instance where human intervention saved the forests from destruction:

  • The Chipko Andolan also called the ‘Hug the trees movement’ was organized to stop the destruction of forests. The movement began in 1970s in a remote village called Reni in Garhwal in the Himalayas.
  • A logging contractor was given permission to cut trees from the forest close to the village. One day, when the men folk were at work, the workers of the contractor entered the forest to cut trees. The women of the area rushed to the forest and hugged the trees, thereby preventing them from being felled. The contractor had no option but to withdraw.
  • Cutting of trees would not only have affected the availability of natural resources, but also the quality of soil and sources of water.
  • The Chipko Movement spread quickly and the Government was forced to rethink their priorities with respect to the use of forest produce. Under the leadership of Sunderlal Bahuguna the movement spread to other parts as well. 
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