can the 14th question of ex 6.3 can it be proved like the following method in triangle ADC and PMR AC/PR=AD/ DM =1/2*BC/1/2*QR AC/PR=AD/PM=DC/MR therefore triangle adcsimilar pmr angle C= angle R then in triangle ABC and pqr AB/PQ =AC/PR and ANGLE C= ANGLE R SO TRIANGLE "ABC" SIMILAR TRIANGLE "PQR" BY SAS

Asked by bharath sudhakar | 6th Aug, 2012, 09:26: PM

Expert Answer:

No. The solution which you have written is incorrect.
The error is in the first step where you have written AC/PR=AD/ PM =1/2*BC/1/2*QR.
We are just given that AB/PQ = AC/PR = AD/ PM
There is no information given about the proportionality of sides BC and QR.

Answered by  | 6th Aug, 2012, 09:59: PM

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