calculate the amount ofter a year if the rate of intrest is 10% p.a  and the principal amount is rs1000 firstly here what is p.a and than solv this with proper explanation

Asked by saggugurupal | 21st Jul, 2016, 04:36: PM

Expert Answer:

straight p. straight a. space stands space for space per space annum.

Interest space equals space PNR over 100 space space space space where space straight P space equals space principle comma space straight N space equals space no space of space years space and space straight R space equals space rate space of space interest
Interest space equals fraction numerator 10000 cross times 1 cross times 10 over denominator 100 end fraction equals 1000

Amount space equals space Principle space plus space Interest space equals space 10000 plus 1000 space equals space Rs. space 11000

Answered by Vijaykumar Wani | 21st Jul, 2016, 05:40: PM