Between pliers and scissors, which one has mechnaical advantsge less than one?

Asked by jaiswalsindhuli717 | 23rd Sep, 2018, 03:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Both scissors and pliers belongs to the same class which is class 1 lever.
Mechanical advantage is given by,
M. A. space equals space fraction numerator E f f o r t space a r m over denominator L o a d space a r m end fraction 
For scissor, the lever is as follows:
Thus, from figure we can say that effort arm is less than load arm.
Thus, mechanical advantage is less than 1.
While for pliers, the figure for lever is as follows:
From the above figure, effort arm is greater than load arm.
Thus, mechanical advantage is greater than 1. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 24th Sep, 2018, 12:00: PM