apps of trigo

Asked by suchet_r | 30th Aug, 2009, 08:13: PM

Expert Answer:

Let B and C be the positions of the two aeroplanes and BCD the vetical line.

so from the given info,

 BD=3000 m

let CD=h

Let A be the point from where the angles of elevation of the aeroplanes is given.

and let AD=x



 angle CAD=45 degrees


angle BAD =60 degrees.

In triangle BAD,

tan 60=3000/x..(i)

in triangle CAD,

tan 45=h/x....(ii)

from  (i) we get,

x=1000*(root 3)

from  (ii) we get,


so h=1000*(root 3)

BC= dist bet the aeroplanes=3000-h

calculate by putting the value of h.



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