a telescope of aperture 3*10^^-2 m diameter is focused on a window at 80m distance fitted with a wire mesh of spacing 2*10^-3 m. given:wavelength is 5.5 *10-7,which of the following is true for observing the mesh through the telescope.

Asked by prabhakar p | 14th Apr, 2013, 06:44: PM

Expert Answer:

Resolving power of telescope=D/1.22?...D=diameter of objective lens
angular separation of objects=2.236x10^-5m..minimum spacing of objects=.its far less than mesh dimension=2*10^-3 m
So the option 3 is correct as even with half the aperture diameter also it can be seen.

Answered by  | 16th Apr, 2013, 11:41: AM

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