A student forgets to add the reaction mixture to a flask at 27C. However he placed the flask on the flame. After a lapse of time he recorded the temperature of the flask with the help of a pyrometer and it was found to be 477C. What fraction of air would have been expelled out?

Asked by neelam827001 | 26th Jul, 2014, 11:35: AM

Expert Answer:

Method – 1 :
According to Ideal gas equation  PV = nRT
If initial no. of moles of gas in V lit container = 1
Method – 2 :
Suppose volume of vessel = V cm3
i.e. volume of air in the flask at 27 °C = V cm3
According to Charle’s law,

∴ Since volume gas is equal to volume of container and during heating volume of
container will not increase.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 30th Jul, 2014, 12:50: PM