a steel fiber is in a oxygen filled container which is closed with a frictionless piston. the iron in the steel fiber reacts with oxygen to form Fe2O3 , the heat generated by the reaction is removed during the process to maintain the temperature constant which is 25 degrees centigrade. for the reaction of 2 moles of iron 831.08KJ of heat is removed. calculate the heat , work and internal energy of change of the system

Asked by pranavisrihari | 8th Sep, 2020, 05:24: PM

Expert Answer:

In this condition tempereature is constant so,
Change in internal energy =0
and we know, accoridng to first law of thermodynamics,
increment U equals q plus w
increment U equals 0
q equals negative w
q equals negative 831.01 K J
minus 831.01 K J equals negative w
w equals 831.01 space K J

Answered by Ravi | 9th Sep, 2020, 10:18: AM