A nail has 2metre square at one end,1/100m^2 and at the other end.  a force of 1000g. weight is applied on the first end calculate the pressure avthing on the wall? Value of g=10m/sec^2 

Asked by ramadevi.vasi123 | 17th Feb, 2020, 06:30: AM

Expert Answer:

The area of first end of nail is 2 m 
Area of other end is 1/100 = 10-2 m2 = 0.01 m2 
Force applied = 1000 gwt = 1000 × 10 = 10000 N ...(Since, g =10 m/s2)
Pressure is applied at first end. This means other end whose area is 0.01 m2 is in contact with the wall. 
Thus, the pressure acting on a wall is 
P = Force/ Area = 10000/0.01 = 1000000= 106 N/m2 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 17th Feb, 2020, 10:34: AM

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